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What are the processes of precision hardware processing?

Precision hardware processing belongs to a production process that requires very high precision for spare parts. In the process of processing and producing precision hardware, precision must be strictly controlled to ensure that qualified hardware is obtained. So what are the processes of precision hardware processing? 1. Familiar with the drawings of processing equipment and hardware parts: In order to obtain the required precision hardware, before manufacturing precision hardware, we need to carefully check the hardware drawings, and be familiar with the shape and size of the required precision hardware. In addition, we also need to be familiar with hardware production equipment. 2. Opening according to the hardware parts to be processed: Opening is blanking, referring to the selection of appropriate specifications of hardware materials according to the size and processing technology of the hardware parts to be processed. 3. Processing Precision Hardware: Processing Precision Hardware is to put the finished materials into the processing equipment and process the raw materials according to the size of the precise hardware. 4. Surface treatment of hardware parts: Surface treatment of hardware parts is to grind, polish, spray oil or electroplate the surface of precision hardware parts processed.