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Matters needing attention in working of numerical control machine tools

One of the major features of CNC machine tools is drilling operation, which is achieved by mechanical rotation. If the mechanical movement is not used correctly, there will be a certain safety risk. Today we will talk about the matters needing attention in the work of rocker drilling machine, so that the operator can use the machine tool equipment correctly. First of all, the operator must be skilled in the operation essentials and technical performance of CNC machine tools. Before operation, it is necessary to wear work clothes, cuffs and scarves to prevent women wearing gloves from braiding in their hats. Before operation, we should check whether the protection, security and signal equipment on the equipment are normal. Some mechanical transmission and electrical equipment should have reliable protective equipment. When clamping the blank, the table surface should be padded well to avoid damaging the table. When drilling/milling small parts, special clamping should be used to avoid the parts being processed being taken up and rotated. Holding or pressing the holes by hand is prohibited. The feeding speed and travel limit block should be selected properly for automatic tool-walking. Manual feed is usually carried out according to the principle of step-by-step pressurization and decompression to avoid excessive force. When adjusting drilling speed, stroke, clamping workpiece and rubbing machine tool, power should be stopped and cut off. It is forbidden to touch the moving workpiece, cutter and transmission after the machine is started. Stop rolling through machine tools to transfer or take things and other items. When long iron chips are wrapped around the drill bit, parking car should be removed to stop blowing hand with mouth. To remove chips, brush should be used instead of grasping with hand or blowing with mouth. Obstacles are forbidden within the range of the cross arm inversion. At the end of the operation, lower the crossarm to a lower position. The spindle box is close to the post and must be clamped. When two or more people are working on the same machine tool, it is necessary for one person to be responsible for the unified command of safety to avoid the occurrence of abnormal situations at the end of the accident. Parking should be immediately consulted by the relevant personnel. When CNC machine tool is working, it is forbidden to leave the working position. When it wants to leave, it is necessary to stop and cut off the power supply. If the machine tool is found to be faulty, it should be inspected immediately and reported to the maintenance department for repairs.