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Dongguan Xinhang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., is a professional precision machining enterprise engaged in machining, assembly and sales, supplying all kinds of precision hardware parts.

We have experienced and professional technical staff, advanced machining equipment and a 
well-established management system, with over 20 years' experience in precision metal parts machining, including aluminum alloy, copper alloy, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, special engineering plastics, and other materials. We specialize in machining high precision parts with tight tolerances and complex structures. Products are widely used in Aerospace, Optics, Electronic Communications, Medical Equipment, Automation Equipment, etc. We adhere to people-oriented , accurate and efficient, continuous innovation, customer-oriented quality policy. We have introduced advanced CNC machining equipment and measuring equipment and integrate industry resources by adopting die-casting, powder metallurgy forming and extruding to minimize the cost of mass production and has maintained long-term cooperation with a number of Industry partners  in surface treatment, heat treatment, spraying, dust-free cleaning, etc. to provide customers with a wide range of products and services.

Each product in production process has detailed machining chart, clear process flow, specified inspection, and strict control of the quality during the process. All products are provided with accurate dimensional inspection reports, material certification and heat surface treatment reports as required. Our measuring equipments include CMM, 
YVMHeight GaugeOffset Runout Detector, inner and outer diameter micrometers and various thread plug gauges, ring gauges, needle gauges, block gauges, etc. We have winned a reputation among customers  by excellent quality and Intimate service. 

Our advantages: high-performance machining equipments and measuring equipments. Precise, efficient and fast precision parts manufacturing, specialize in machining tight-tolerances and complex-structure parts. Rich experience in serving customers from Europe and the United States. Familiar with ISO2768, DIN7168, MIL-55414 and other industry standards.