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Precision machining of precision mechanical parts

The precision parts processing small knitting for you to understand the precision mechanical parts processing inner hole finishing process, together to understand it. For precision machine parts processing, it is often necessary to finish the inner hole to deburr. In precision machine processing enterprises, this is a must-use process. On the premise of maintaining the original size and accuracy of precision hardware parts, the precise machine parts can be added by polishing, deburring and polishing. Deep holes, cross-related holes, and burrs at the joints of concentric large and small holes are removed, and even burrs generated during processing are removed, which improves the quality of precision hardware processing parts. This is a necessary, economical and efficient method in the process of mechanical processing. For new polishing and abrasive brushes, the material is abrasive nylon wire, in nylon. Abrasives, such as alumina and silicon carbide, are often evenly discharged into the yarn. According to the requirements of processing, abrasive nylon yarn is selected because of its good memory, characteristics, bending and recovery ability. In addition, when contacting water and oil, its performance remains unchanged, and it can resist the corrosion of any chemical. For abrasive abrasive abrasive brushes, it is widely used in many fields, including finishing metal surface, aluminium profile surface, cutting surface and so on. The use of abrasive abrasive grinding brushes has the following characteristics: after processing the surface of precision mechanical parts, the burrs and flying edges of the parts are effectively removed, and the edges are chamfered, rust removed and oxide peeled. On the original basis, the surface roughness of the parts is improved by 1-2 grades. The physical and mechanical properties of the surface processed by precision hardware are obviously improved, such as removing stress concentration on the surface, eliminating micro-cracks, increasing surface hardness, and increasing the thickness of the grinding layer, improving the service performance of the parts, prolonging the fatigue life of the parts by removing the stress concentration on the surface. By improving the quality, assembly and performance, the quality, cleanliness and index of the whole machine can be improved. Thus, the initial wear of the transmission parts can be realized, and the time of the whole machine to be manufactured and run-in can be reduced. To sum up, the technology of finishing and polishing on the surface of precision machine parts has been widely used, but this technology is not omnipotent. For example, for the phenomenon of edge curling caused by the tool is not very sharp, we can not use the technology of finishing. Through the above precise parts processing knitting understanding, I hope to help you.