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Basic Requirements for Processing Technology of Machined Parts and Components

In the process of design, precision mechanical parts processing should not only satisfy its use requirements, that is to say, have the ability to work as required, but also meet the production requirements in the process of operation. Precision mechanical parts processing is easy to process and the processing cost is very low in the process of design. Such parts will be called good work to a certain extent. Artistic quality. Basic requirements for processing technology of precision machinery parts 1. In the process of choosing the blank, it is necessary to adopt the method of preparing the blank in reasonable mechanical manufacturing. In the process of operation, the method of profile, casting, forging, welding and stamping are directly used. The selection of the blank and the specific technical conditions of production are related. Generally, the method of preparing the blank is adopted. It depends on the quantity of production, the capability, the possibility of processing and so on. 2. The structure of precision machine parts processing is very simple in the process of design. In the process of operation, we mainly use simple surface and combination. To a certain extent, we should also try our best to reduce the number of machined surfaces and the processing area. 3. The expenditure of parts with proper manufacturing accuracy and surface roughness stipulated in the processing of precision mechanical parts will increase with the improvement of their accuracy. In the case of higher accuracy in operation, such an increase is extremely significant. Therefore, high accuracy should not be pursued without sufficient basis. Similarly, the surface roughness of the parts should be regulated according to the actual needs of the matching surface. 4. When precision mechanical parts are processed to a certain extent, they design parts with good workmanship. In the process of design, they must be combined with and be good at learning from technicians. In addition, some basic knowledge about workmanship is also provided in the course and Handbook of metal technology for reference. To a certain extent, the surface roughness of precision mechanical parts can effectively reflect the errors of their surface micro-geometry. It is a very important technical index to test the surface quality of parts when it is used.