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Introduction of Precision Hardware Parts Processing

Precision metal parts processing machine tool is a machine tool for processing various cylindrical gears, bevel gears and other tooth parts. There are many kinds of precision metal parts processing machine tools, such as small machine tools for millimeter diameter gears, large machine tools for millimeter diameter gears, high efficiency machine tools for mass production and high precision machine tools for processing fine gears. Gear processing machine tools are widely used in car, tractor, machine tools, construction machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, petroleum, appearance, aircraft and spacecraft and other machinery manufacturing industries. The existing skill is to use hybrid ceramic bearings to cooperate with lubricants, which may not be a problem with the spindle at 15000 r/min. We also found that some manufacturers also choose another type of bearing, whose inner and outer edges are still made of metal sheets, but some of the rotations are made of rigid, durable ceramic materials. Heat is the natural enemy of bearing accuracy and life. When the spindle runs to 1000r/min, the oil air Lube system is the most representative one. This system provides a minimum (but abundant) amount of lubricant to reduce the heat generated by the bearing, and the air duct also helps to drive the heat dissipation. The rest of the heat is transferred to a cooling system that does not cause the cycle to be closed. Precision hardware parts processing technology method, which includes the use of the programmability of the processing center to reasonably prepare the NC processing program, the use of the operation of the processing center to optimize the cutting parameters. Reasonable selection of cutters or shapes and selection of general high-speed steel drills and end milling cutters for processing high-precision large aperture ratio titanium alloy holes are the technical road and method. The practicability of improving cutting tools, optimizing cutting parameters and processing techniques is verified by the processing of practical samples. Titanium alloy is a widely used superalloy, which is mainly used in the manufacture of the maintenance shell of logging tools. Therefore, the processing technology of titanium alloy has a direct impact on the quality of the finished products of titanium alloy. Among them, the cutting technology of titanium alloy, especially deep hole drilling, is touched upon, and how the machinability of deep hole turning determines the scale of the use of titanium alloy.